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Bad Ass Jew!!!!!!!!

I complain for fun!!!!!!!!

One Quality Studmuffin
9 May 1983
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Good luck trying to figure me out. I haven't figured myself. You wanna try? I love life. I can tell you that. It is such a precious gift and we all should thus enjoy it. I refuse to let the problems of my life and the world surrounding dominate my emotions. We all have the power to be good people and appreciate life through its good and bad aspects. Be thankful for your gifts. Face your fears. Laugh off your misfortunes.
I am on livejournal for multiple reasons, but complaining is the primary one. I also like keeping tabs with friends, and meeting new people. It's always kind of cool to find some of the cool groups and whatnot I can get into here, and the kind of novel people who I can chill with on this website thing.